In the current uncertain times it could said that it is the most important time to keep close to clients to understand what challenges they are facing. Business Development  teams are working tirelessly in firms of all sizes to ensure that they stay close to existing clients and build pipelines of new work. However the 2017 PWC report on the Legal sector focuses on internal issues as the most important. 

This is concerning as HR, Finance and Risk, whilst  important areas of focus for law firms, they do not bring in business.  Specialists whose skills are not pinpointed are noted as important but key account management and building business do not factor in the PWC report at all.   This is possibly a reflection of how these activities and departments are sometimes viewed within law firms themselves?

It is a vital time for Business Development teams to show their true value to the firms they represent and provide tangible ROI to make their relevance felt by law firm management and beyond. Next year let's hope the researchers at PWC hear more about the key role of BD in the law.